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FB Market Place scammers and what FB does against it?


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I've only once bought something via FB and it was fake. But I'd paid by PayPal when we were allowed to use it in Thailand, and they got my money back. Since then I have never used FB as a market place. If a business isn't professional enough or too lazy to have a website then that is a red flag to me. A basic website costs little to set up and run.

As for FB, no, they don't seem to care. The response to the OP leaves no doubt at all about that. Thailand is quite hot on computer crime though, and maybe the case should be brought to the attention of the authorities, especially as the scammer has seemingly admitted to their actions. The police wouldn't even have to leave their air-conditioned office......

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You could get some little flashing lights to strap to your little belt so when you're walking around complaining to everyone about the grave injustices of FB marketplace they really get the point and understand the seriousness.

Wiew wiew wiew wiew!

Honk honk. Toot toot! coming through!

These damn scammers.

I've been trying to enjoy my days too but just can't stop thinking about that ad I saw on FB last week.


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Useless to report to FB, you are better off reporting to cyber police task force 1599.


gather all your evidence and other store sellers account of this Fb being a scammer before submitting. If you have too little evidence, cyber police could care less.

posting on thai Facebook blacklist / scam pages helps also.

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