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"Rome" points out that the police organization is a mess, doing everything possible to gain power


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4 hours ago, Classic Ray said:

The system is fundamentally flawed. Police salaries are pitifully low, and they all have to provide their own uniforms and equipment, and pay their own travel for training etc. Some even have to pay to maintain their own stations and running costs.


This forces them all to have a second source of income, a side business, or generate money by unofficial fines, protection money etc. They also have to send money up the chain. Salaries that were cut during Covid have still not been fully restored, guess where that money has gone.


Without fundamental reform (which is in no senior officer’s interest) the payment of a living wage and elimination of corruption will never happen.

I think you are a bit confused about what police have to pay for................????

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Seems the selection of a new national police chief was also a mess today.


After naming a Caretaker National Police Chief,  Pol Gen Roy Ingkhapairoj, they then voted in Deputy Police Chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol.





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singling out the RTP is like restoring one room in a house.  the corruption is networked across politics, bureaucracies and businesses. yeah great, RTP needs to be changed, but it will just revert back to corruption unless the whole of Thailand infrastructure changes also. and we all know nothing will change in the current pyramid structure 

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On 9/27/2023 at 6:50 AM, webfact said:

within the National Police force.

That would be a good idea, start a National Police Force and use them to get rid of the ROYAL THAI POLICE. A name well above their station IMO

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