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Chiang Mai residents protest 24/7 airport plans


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Chiang Mai residents have expressed their frustration at plans by the city’s international airport to operate 24 hours a day. Disgruntled residents say they already suffer from sleep disruption as a result of non-stop aircraft noise overhead.


The Bangkok Post reports that residents attended a public hearing on Sunday, October 15, in which they were invited to air their grievances. The residents were representing communities living near the airport, in the sub-district of Mae Hia, in the Mueang district of the city.


The director of Chiang Mai airport, Ronnakorn Chalermsanyakorn, also attended the hearing, which was held at the Mae Hia municipal auditorium. Thanawat Yodjai, head of the Mae Hia municipality, was also in attendance.


By Peter Roche

Caption: PHOTO: Flickr/Gábor Tikos


Full story: Phuket GO 2023-10-17


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Was this hearing just for show? I can't imagine anyone really genuinely cares about residents' concerns.


The aircraft noise is also pretty damn annoying here in San Sai. The planes usually take off and bank right, right over my house. The Korean Air flight at 11pm is the last super loud one - I use it as an alarm to remind me to stop smoking weed and playing video games and go to bed.


Can't imagine how people are gonna deal with 24h flights! Good thing I'm moving house in a few weeks, far from any flight path.

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Not only it's a bad idea in terms of noise for people living near the flight path, it's also only half-thought. It will increase considerably the operating costs of the airport adding staff for everything from security to cleaning, for a marginal increase in number of tourists.

Most int'l flights at CNX are from countries which are 2-3 hours away, on 1-2 h time zones away: China in primis, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan. For those who want to save a night in the hotel, departing at midnight is sufficient, departing 4am is silly. Similar considerations for arrivals.

The idea would make sense if CNX was an important transit hub, like BKK. But it isn't.


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Nothing wrong here. a little more Carbon Dioxide from planes, trucks and cars, Nitrous Oxide from pesticides and Methane with Ammonia from the farms in Smog season, will make Chiang Mai the dream of life of its inhabitants and of any tourist or expats arriving by plane… This is the war… more wood ! 

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The money generated from Tourists is the main objective at the determent to the welfare of local residents .  Aircraft  noise is a necessary evil but local residents do deserve some respite during night time.  Last year the local Nong Buak  Haad  used daily by many local  for exercise was closed for six weeks to prepare for the flower festival.

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