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NHA Trang beaches

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I'm going there soon but south of Nha Trang first. I fly to Cam Ranh, then south to Phan Rang Beach. I hope to have my base there. I'm getting fed up for Thai regulations and all the BS. I get 45 days visa free in Vietnam and after 5 r/t I like it more and more.

Ladies are also more European style, not easy, but stylish and educated.

Plus I can drive comfortable, maybe even buy a car.


This is my first time there. If I like it I'll travel up and down the cost and may that'll be my "home" in future.

I like Dalat as well and it's only 3h by bus.


It's the biggest feast soon - Vietnamese TET holiday - and I've two invitations to join.

TET seems to be very big thing. I'm curious to see what it is about. I know they eat well.


Tet: Tradition, Reunion & Taste | Vietnam Tourism
For most Vietnamese, Tet is an opportunity for family reunions (many businesses close for the week as people return to their hometowns). Every home has an altar for honoring ancestors, and families flock to the gravesites of deceased loved ones, bearing flowers, incense and gifts."
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