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UN warns of ‘blatant disregard for basic humanity’ in Gaza warfare


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Top officials at the United Nations are warning of an “apocalyptic” situation in war-torn Gaza with “no place safe to go” for civilians, as Israel’s war with Hamas spreads into the south, where many had previously sought refuge.

“Every time we think things cannot get any more apocalyptic in Gaza, they do,” said Martin Griffiths, the top UN emergency relief official, in a statement on Monday. “People are being ordered to move again, with little to survive on, forced to make one impossible choice after another,” he said.

“Such blatant disregard for basic humanity must stop,” he also said.


Israel has been intensifying its aerial bombardment of southern Gaza in pursuit of Palestinian militant group Hamas and said over the weekend that it will expand ground operations to the whole of the territory.

“Intense battles” are still taking place in northern Gaza, where two Israeli soldiers were killed during “close-quarter combat” with Hamas fighters, the military said on Monday.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday appealed to the IDF to spare civilians from more suffering. “Civilians – including health workers, journalists and UN personnel - and civilian infrastructure must be protected at all times,” Guterres’ statement said, noting that despite evacuation orders, “there is nowhere safe to go in Gaza.”






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1 hour ago, ALLSEEINGEYE said:

The Hamas attack on Israel was done for 1 reason, to derail the upcoming peace deal with Saudi.


They knew full well what would happen after that barbaric attack on Israel.


Of course it is always the civilians that suffer from what these sick greeedy leaders do, and there is enough of that on both sides here as far as I can tell.


Hamas needs to be shut down, and unfortunately as long as they keep using their citizens and hostages as human sheilds the death rate will continue to rise. Let's all hope for and end to this soon.


This attack was planned at least a year in advance. Maybe the original motivators were different back then, I don't know. But with regard to the actual attack happening when it did - I think that there were several reasons - support among Palestinians going down some, Sinwar's position being on the line, and yes - regional (especially SA) trends towards normalization of relations with Israel while sidelining the Palestinian issue. In terms of conditions in the Gaza Strip it was not a particularly bad time (relatively, obviously). And as this was planned ahead, most of the PR stuff (saving Al Aqsa etc.) were more handy recent stuff, rather than 'real' issues.

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1 hour ago, bradiston said:

Just as they did regarding Ukraine and all the other gross violations of humanitarian behaviour. The UN is a broken record. It achieves absolutely nothing. It's "security" council is anything but. A licence for the big boys to do whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, while it mouths platitudes and holds it's hands up in mock horror.


And the alternative....?

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1 hour ago, animalmagic said:

Perhaps true to an extent, but I don't think even a yank would break into their house, kill men, women and children with indiscriminate gunfire, burnings and beheadings.  Nor would they use rape as a form of warfare or kidnap old women and young children that live there.

I was referring to the Israeli settlers, not Hamas.

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37 minutes ago, Morch said:


Maybe in your biased, warped version of things. Spin it as you may, Hamas did not 'snap', this was carefully planned quite a while ago. All this 'back yard' nonsense doesn't amount to anything much, just an oversimplification of things when one can't deal with complicated issues.


Current events are a direct result of the Hamas 7/10 attack. Attempts to spin, minimize and justify it are vile.

Is that all you've got to say?

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20 minutes ago, WDSmart said:

The atrocities that "are being committed" by the IDF are the killing of civilians and the destruction of entire blocks of buildings in Gaza. This has been done by rockets and artillery. There have been few IDF soldiers who have invaded Gaza (to my knowledge). The atrocities which "have been committed" by the IDF (Zionists) over the 100+ year period these two peoples have been at war include all the atrocities cited in my original post, which include murder, torture, and rape. 


Civilian death and destruction are part of almost any war in carried out in urban settings. They are not universally labeled 'atrocities'. Same goes for Israel's actions.


A 'few' IDF soldiers? You knowledge seems to be lacking, there IDF is in strength at the Gaza Strip, and been that way for weeks.


You count of 'atrocities' seems to include only one side to this conflict.

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