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If you are listening to music - What's Playing ? (2024)


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It's 2030ish here. Just back from our NYE dinner in Prasat. As usual our favourite restaurant was closed. So we went to an outsideish cook-your-own-meal-at-table place. As usual my b/f selected at least 3 times more than we could possibly eat. OK but not quite what I'd had in mind. We managed to get thru about 3/4 of it ...


Now home and the village musaks are rumbling not too loudly, but loud enough with occasional pops of fireworks to not be worth putting on any decent music.


But if I did put on something (some 700 CDs of classical music) it would most likely be something in the range from Bach & Haendel thru to Schubert, but it could extend from Monteverdi to Rachmaninov. Extremely conservative musical taste by today's standards. The other problem though is that, if I did play something while my b/f is at home, he gets the giggles and starts conducting ... Which means I can play CDs only during the day when he's away at the farm (sigh).

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Harking back to the old BBC 1940's of Music While You Work, then today have been playing off the iPod:-

Public Service Broadcasting - Inform-Educate-Entertain

Cranberries - Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers

Amon Düül II - Made in Germany

Yes - Fly From Here-Return Trip

Cat Stevens - Greatest Hits

Steve Hackett - Spectral Mornings 


Tomorrow I'll kick off with a bit of Genesys, Lamb Lies Down, Liverpool Empire, 19-Apr-1975.

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1 hour ago, Mutt Daeng said:

Thanks. I presume you are referring to this: https://www.bbc.com/mediacentre/proginfo/2024/01/new-years-day-concert-live-from-vienna-2024

Downloading now from TGx.

That's the one. Can get it on iPlayer if you have VPN, and I think on You Tube

Andre Rieu also does a magical job, with prettier violinists!

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