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Dublin’s AerCap lends 17 aircraft to Thai Airways


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Thai Airways International (THAI) and AerCap have signed agreements to lease 17 aircraft to THAI.


These aircraft include four Airbus A350-900, three Boeing 787-9, and 10 Airbus A321neo airliners. THAI acquired these in 2023 as part of its short-term fleet development.


Two of the four A350 aircraft have been transferred over and the other two will be sent to THAI within the first two quarters of this year. The 787 aircraft will be delivered in the second quarter of next year. As for the A321neo airliners, these will be handed over from the third quarter of next year through the second quarter of the following year, 2026.


AerCap chief Peter Anderson welcomed the alliance, stating that the relationship between AerCap and THAI began in the 1990s and has continued to grow and strengthen. THAI CEO Chai Eamsiri expressed that the addition of the new aircraft will aid operation capacity and increase passenger satisfaction. The new airliners will also help meet market demands, reported Airways mag.

In related news, THAI made headlines by sealing a monumental deal with Boeing, announcing an order for at least 45 aircraft. The airline confirmed on Wednesday, February 13, that the order, which includes options for additional jets, will see the new aircraft joining its fleet between 2027 and 2033.


This strategic investment comes at a crucial time for Boeing, offering a much-needed boost following a recent accident on an Alaska Airlines flight that left the company under intense scrutiny.

In other news, Transport Minister Suriya Jungroongreangkit issued a warning to THAI following a series of complaints about subpar ground services at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. In a bid to address the mounting concerns, a high-stakes meeting was convened with key players, namely THAI Ground and Bangkok Flight Services.


Despite urging airlines to utilise the SAT-1 terminal during taxiway repairs, reluctance persists, primarily due to apprehensions regarding luggage handling. The transport minister underscored the pivotal role of enhanced airport management, especially in ground services and luggage handling, to bolster Thailand’s position as a premier aviation hub.


by Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of Airways


Source: The Thaiger 2024-02-22


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Reading this I felt like finding out how much better modern aircraft are and googled B707 vs A321. 


"If you take the B707–320 B, it burns 2.5 times as much fuel as the A321neo per hour. If you then take the number of passengers into account (189 for the 707 compared to 220 for the 321neo), the fuel consumption per passenger of the B707–320 B is 2.9 times that of the A321neo"



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17 hours ago, zhounan said:

I brush my teeth in the morning and Thai Airways is bankrupt.

I brush my teeth in the evening and Thai Airways orders dozens of planes.


What's going on?

Rise of the Phoenix.

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6 hours ago, steven100 said:

I think the headline is incorrect ...


' lend ' is not appropriate ....    ' leased '   is more fitting.


you lend your neighbor your screwdriver in the hope you'll get it back ...

A lot will depend I suppose on whether it is a 'dry' lease which is where (in this case Thai) only get the aircraft, or a 'wet' lease, where in this case the owners of the aircraft In this case (Aercap) supply the aircraft, crews, servicing etc to Thai.


A dry lease is cheaper initially until the cost of servicing etc kicks in and only works, IF you have your own crews etc and have previously operated that model of aircraft.

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3 hours ago, Burma Bill said:

Dublin’s AerCap lends 17 aircraft to Thai Airways


Will canned Guiness be available on flights??


sorry ... once the aircraft leaves Dublin the aircraft is re-painted, re-staffed and re-stocked with crap p_ss and staff.

It's the Thai way unfortunately .... 

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