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Why are East Asians more intelligent than Southeast Asians? Factors?

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OK, this is not a JOKE Topic.

Neither is this a "bashing" Topic, for either East Asians or Southeast Asians.


I would like to hear thoughts, supported by both evidence citations, supporting any claims made on this Topic.


I have lived a loooong time in both East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Although, I have not been very interested in this subject, until recently, when, for whatever reasons, I tried to have appliances serviced, repaired, or when I tried to communicate with the average person concerning more technical issues, such as anything involved with modern science, with light electrical engineering issues, or even why the world works the way it does.


When I refer to intelligence, I am referring to the IQ test, and also to General Intelligence as it is accurately defined by most social scientists, and natural scientists.


Personally, I have never lived in an area so chockfull of intelligent humans, as when I lived in HK, Taiwan, Japan, Shanghai, and...even....Beijing.

The guys in Shanghai are smarter than the guys in Beijing.

Everybody knows this.

Shanghai once was, and probably still is, one of the banking centers of Asia.



Singapore is a mixed bag, and there are a few intelligent people there, but most, since Singapore is basically a backwater hardship port, are nothing special, and the average English spoken in Singapore is notoriously deficient, as everybody in the world knows.


Therefore, this Topic is posted in search of some answers to the very important issue of what makes East Asian people smarter, and Southeast Asian people less smart, by about 17 IQ points.


If possible, support your claims with citations using some accepted citing format, and make your claims logical, too, if you can.


This is NOT a topic where bashing will be tolerated.

Bashing anyone is just not fun, and too easy, especially for intelligent people.








Note:  I have a fairly thick skin, and can tolerate a lot.  However, if there is one thing I really dislike then it is the "bashing" of others, meaning the bashing of groups of humans who might be different, or considered to be "others" in the sociological sense of the word.



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