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Huge myth about penis size finally debunked


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1 hour ago, Crossy said:

This icon is just so apt for this thread.



Fetching my coat :whistling:

I knew I was a popular and well liked member of this esteemed forum, just didn't know how much..😜

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1 hour ago, brianthainess said:

Girth is much more important than length, to many complaints about my length and it aint much longer than half a foot, there again I don't have 2" of fat in the way. Said my 'Friend'

Long and thin, goes to far in, and does not please the Ladies.

Short and thick does the trick, and brings out proper Babies.

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1 hour ago, Jeff the Chef said:

You don't need a big penis if you can breathe through your ears and have a long tongue.

A good friend of mine has 2 sets of twins. He maintains that its not the size of the weapon but the quality of the shot.

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