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Missing case takes turn: Thai woman reveals escape from abusive husband


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A Thai woman broke her silence after being missing for 13 days, informing a news agency that she felt compelled to disappear with her daughter to escape from her abusive husband.


The businessman from the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima, 42 year old Pongphumphat Chuedee, shared pictures of his wife and daughter on the Facebook account, PickNick Pimpisa. He reported that his 36 year old wife Suphannee Chuedee and five year old daughter Pimpisa Chuedee went missing on the morning of February 16.


Pongphumphat stated that he was willing to give 30,000 baht as a reward to anyone with information about his family members. He added that his wife did not have much cash with her and had left her mobile phone at home.


Pongphumphat revealed that he filed a missing complaint at Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station on February 27 and attached the complaint document to his post.

According to the shared complaint document, Pongphumphat’s younger sister, Itsariyakorn Ruengdate, drove Suphannee and his daughter to Marie Vithaya School, where Pimpisa was studying. They got stuck in a traffic jam near the school, prompting Suphannee to ask Itsariyakorn to wait on the roadside while she walked her daughter to school.


Suphannee assured Itsariyakorn that she would return to the car but she never did. Pimpisa was also absent from school since that day.


Husband suspected


Suphannee’s status as a former Member of Parliament (MP) candidate for the Democrat Party ensured that her disappearance gained significant public attention, with many speculating about her husband’s involvement in her vanishing.


While Pongphumphat vehemently professed his innocence, he did acknowledge engaging in frequent arguments with Suphannee, especially regarding their restaurant business, in the period leading up to her disappearance.


Pongphumphat explained that he filed the complaint on February 27 because he had just left monkhood that day. Additionally, he mentioned that Suphannee would often leave after conflicts and return within a week. This time, he decided to wait, but she did not come back as usual.


Pongphumphat’s social media post went viral, causing concern among the public, police, and Suphannee’s colleagues. To address the complications, Suphannee decided to give an interview to the news agency Channel 8.


Suphannee informed the media that she and her daughter were safe. She explained that she had to go into hiding with her daughter to escape from Pongphumphat, who exhibited abusive behaviour and frequently assaulted her.


Suphannee expressed her intention to discuss divorce with her husband but voiced concerns that he might harm her again during the meeting.

Many netizens encouraged Suphanee and praised her for her decision saying she was smart to escape from Phongphumphat before the physical assault could escalate.


Some mentioned that this case reminded them of a recent incident where a husband physically beat his wife to death, set fire to her body, and pretended that she had gone missing.


by Petch Petpailin 

Photo via Facebook/ PickNick Pimpisa and MGR Online


Source: The Thaiger 2024-02-29


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Am I the only one on this forum who finds following Thai names and nicknames so bewildering that the thread of the story is completely lost?


Then again, maybe that is why they use complicated names and absurdly simple and untraceable nicknames.......

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