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Thaksin's Homecoming Sparks Thousands in Korat Rally


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4 hours ago, mfd101 said:

Real loyalty to a leader who actually - for the first time just about ever in Thailand - did some good things for poor people.

Funny that.

We’re you leading the Rally for Jim yesterday ffs 

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5 hours ago, Tropicalevo said:

Many Thais that I spoke to when he was in power, said the same thing.

In fact very old and well known strategy. It always begins this way.🤔




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14 hours ago, Purdey said:

I suppose they hadn't noticed that they are still poor.

Maybe you were not in Thailand at the time, but I recall that he started the 30baht medical program (this has benefited millions over the decades) and actually had the economy in good shape with promoting small and medium size business. He also expanded infrastructure programs (getting the airport complete, new bridges, roads etc. )  People at the time were in good spirits. He is still very well liked in the North and Isaan. 


As I have said many times I'm no fan of the guy. He is also the one that started the crack down on visa runs, overstays etc. 

Of course he had the war on drugs which killed over 2500 people in 3 months and he's corrupt just like every other politician. 

Is he good for Thailand?  I dont know, I haven't seen any real progress in Thailand for more than a decade. 

Things either stay the same, go sideways, or move backward; I see no forward movement. 


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