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Is Thailand's subtle bias to Russia (vs. the collective west) risking secondary sanctions?

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I think if the west started threatening with sanctions, they would only serve Putin and China, and push them over! I also believe Thailand have a second view on moral coming from the west historically seen in perspective. 

I'm not sure how Thailand feel about the past being central in the Usa war in Vietnam, Laos and cambodia. Also seen in retrospect the colonisation of the whole region.


The question is, do Asian believe in democrazy and the West as an future alliance? 

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1 minute ago, kimamey said:

I can see your point, but the one thing you haven't mentioned is Ukraine which is the country that is suffering. From what I've seen many Thais aren't very good at looking beyond their own immediate needs and wants and taking responsibility. They will have looked at their situation rather than the death and destruction in Ukraine and base their decisions on that rather than taking a more difficult and responsible stance which might cost them.

To be true, the war in Ukraine is so distant from thais, and not so different from the wars we have seen in Africa for so long. Yes, it is horrible, we send some money, some un soldiers, and so, but thats it, it doesnt concern us

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The banking sanctions are weak. Prohibiting US investment and restricting imports from Thailand would play out much better. The problem is the US is happy appearing weak. All of the anti-American positions and actions Thailand has taken since Srettha took over has seen no pushback whatsoever. China would come out and threaten. They've done so in the past and got Thailand's attention. Thailand enjoys an export surplus with the US that is about the same in size as Thailand's export deficit with China. The US could act and severely impact what is going on in Thailand. But we can't even get a statement out of the embassy. All the ambassador does is post videos and pictures of his morning jogging.

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27 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

Look, I did start this topic, but I see it's attracting a lot of hostility, and a lot of moronic anti western, anti democracy rhetoric. I'm not interested in wasting my time with that. 

I started this to bring up a concern that I haven't heard before -- the risk that Thailand might eventually be hit with secondary sanctions because of their obvious strong economic ties with fascist dictator Putin's Russia and that IF it does that will mean Thai banks, and expats depend on Thai banks. That's all. No predictions that will ever happen, but it might.


You can't hide the facts, this is not just who is good and who is bad, this is a larger scaled economic war, not just about Russia's cruel invasion on Ukraine. 


Ukraine have something both sides want and need, if we can allow us to split the conflict in to two sides. 


On the third hand, Germany, who have made themselves dependent on cheap oil and gas from Russia, who has a great responsibility for the conflict in my eyes combined with the hysterical green shift we have tried to convince the world about, making us even more vulnerable. 


I'm not saying we do not need to make a change in consumption and stop extortion of our planet, but at the same time it makes us weaker for energy and economic wars. 


Just be patient, it is not because I do believe in Russian propaganda, it is rather to have an sober and neutral view of the war politics and how other countries see us and why they choose the way they do. 


Europe facing a big challenge with China and trading with them in the future. We have made us dependent on their economic power, and it's maybe too late already to turn, which will finally split europe into not a collective force against China but into countries with selective interests.


At the end of the day, we have to make a good look at our selves and see why things escalating the wrong direction. 

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1. Democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

2. Republic: a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

3. Thailand is non-aligned. I doubt it will fall on one side or another. 

4. If sanctions worked, why is Russia able to fight a foreign war?

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, Summerinsiam said:

They are quite senslbly remaining neutral and there is no chance that this prudent stance will result in any secondary banking sanctions. Like much of the global south they do not view the conflict in strictly black and white terms, especially when the west's hypocrisy and blatant double standards are on open display in Gaza. I would guess that Thais are more concerned about their own neighborhood and the civil war next door in Myannmar. What is the west doing about that? Oh that's right, nothing.

This relates to the actual topic.

I do not believe that Thailand is neutral and I do not believe the west or Russia believes it either.

I'm not saying they're rabidly pro Putin or anything like that but the strong economic ties with Russia show the actual reality. 

If you actually believe they're actually neutral that's fine. I don't.

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35 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

I'm not really complaining.

People almost always try to hijack topics.

I'm just saying I will not participate further in off topic areas on this topic.

It doesn't interest me.

What interests me is pointing out the possibility of secondary sanctions here which if that happens. would most likely impact expats here.

This is an expat forum. Expats are my focus in starting this.

Debate amongst yourselves as you wish, but don't expect me to play with you.

To answer your question, Im already moving out, and secure my future in my orign coiuntry. I know it will not be a future destination for me, based on what we already experience of changes. 


I do not find Thailand reliable for many reasons, except for the climate and good value for my money. Thailands "neutral" view have not changed my view or contributed to further already negative loaded feelings about Thailands political system or the poor extortion of their own people, and lack of education. 


Extortion in a way, they do not give Thais equally possiblities, but rather protects the elite, and continue to favorize those who have resourches to buy themselves out of crimes, and as well buy themselves positions. 


I do not think retired expats would be hit by sanctions, but those who have business with Thailand, but again, the car industry, the motorbike, electronics, it will take time to implement sanctions on Thailand. 



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For as long as the US has an interest in at very least  maintaining co-operation in strategic /diplomatic status with Thailand in opposition to China's influences pursuing sanctions would seem to be a self inflicted damage action. India has a huge bias towards  Russia but has not suffered sanctions. Not even after recent signed deals with Iran.

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