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Labour to Permit 100,000 Migrants to Apply for Asylum

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7 hours ago, Social Media said:

Currently, nearly 36,000 migrants are accommodated in hotels, with more than half coming from countries with high asylum grant rates, costing taxpayers £2.9 million a day.


Holy snarpin' buttcheeks, Batman.


That's 805 GBP per day for each, over 24,000 GBP per month, over  a quarter million a year.  That can't be right, is it?


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2 minutes ago, Chomper Higgot said:

Jonny, these are the scapegoating excuses the Tories tried to con the electorate with.

I don’t know if you missed the news, they failed.






These are facts.


Labour has taken a week to demonstrate that they will make things much worse.


Brit haters must be loving this. 

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After all, the UK is the "first safe country" for all these presumably now calling themselves "Gazans", right?


Abuse of Asylum reduces the ability to take in genuine asylum seekers. There are 800,000 Yazidi, 2.6m Pakistani Christians etc. How many of even those can we take.

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