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Thai Death Duties

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My Thai partner comes from Udon. He has 4 or 5 siblings. The family is fairly prosperous by village standards and parents own about 30 rai of mixed/arable/rice land. I am not sure about building on that land. The land is 30km outside Udon. I don't know (approx) land values, but would appreciate ball-park advice.

The parents are old and in failing health.

Yesterday, my partner was told by a sibling that "the parents will divide the land now, 6 rai each child" but that this will create some kind of registry or lawyer fee--which my partner will "have to pay because he is the only one who has a proper job in BKK" and so on.

Is this splitting designed to avoid DDs? Is this a deed of gift? How much should this cost for registry etc? Should my partner fly up to Udon? How do we know who will get the "best" land? Are there DDs to avoid?

My partner is not rich and has a regular office job in BKK. I may need to lend him money, so I want to avoid scams and schemes.

All advice gratefully received.

P Eddy

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It sounds more as if the elderly parents sensibly wish to split the landplot and give each child an equal share before they (the parents) die - otherwise the children could end up fighting over who gets what....


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I believe the fee will be higher than a normal transfer of title because the land is being subdivided but I do not no cost. Family should be able to get required info and cost from land office. You will also have survey cost because of the subdivide.

He should go to Udon to protect his interest and perhaps get choice of parcel, since he is paying, if parents allow. He also wants to make sure all parcels have road access because you never know what will happen when family members or neighbors have a falling out. A great example is 1 rai of property I looked at in wife's village. It had one very small problem. It was land locked. None of the property owners on four sides would grant right of way through their property from the road. Its still sitting unsold 6 years later.

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