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Hey there,

I'm new to the forum so my first post! Now I have done a search on the forum but no luck. Im looking to study a music course in Bangkok(open to different cities though) and also professional thai massage to take back to Australia. So I'm wondering if anyone can help with a listing of any school's that would offer this and possibly the visa's I would need. Any help would be appreciated.

For visa reference im 22 from Australia

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You would need to find a school registered with the Ministry of Education.

With paper work from that school you could then get an ED vias and extension of your stay to study.

Otherwise you could do it on a tourist visa.

I have moved your topic to the general forum so that you can get answers on schools you might attend.

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Wat Pho has a good massage school.

however I have no clue if they can issue you with whatever document that will facilitate visa application

(But there should be a chance...as it is possibly the best known school for thai massage) :o

its near the grand palace.

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