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Tiling Measurments?


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When I last built I allowed for 10% and it worked out pretty close depending on how fiddley the areas are. One thing I did do though was after I had finished I went and bought another couple of boxes of tiles, in case they stopped production, I wanted some to keep over the years incase I broke a few. Unless you get the basic common tile, theres always a chance they will stop production of a particular style or whatever & if you intend to stick around for a while, you may kick yourself?

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It all depends on the skill & the tiler caring about waste.

I have seen some houses that the owners said was more like 5% but I figure 7-10% is more in line.

At 10% you should have tiles left over which is not a bad thing as you have spare tiles of the same batch so they will be the same when you need to replace tiles as time goes on. Nothing worse than having several shades of the same tile or a discontinued tile to replace. On the flip side I would hate to get stuck with a ton of tile if it is a big house or you change your mind & redo your tile.

But tile isn't that much compared to slate or a nice rock type tile. I might get pissed if they were ruining 1000-1500 baht tile pieces at 10% but rock is much easier & tends to not have as much waste. again it just depends on the amount of skill & degree of pride(if any) of the person laying it.

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