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Certification Of Translation At German Embassy Bkk

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Does anybody know the current charges the German Embassy in BKK levies for having a single translated page (PP page for yellow Tabien Bahn) certified?

My local Khet requires it to make sure the Thai spelling of my name is correct.


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Can you use a certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That might be easier to get and less expensive.

Yes can do, but I'm not clear if the translation has to be made by a certified translation office or if I can make the translation myself.

My wife phoned the mfa today and was told that they need a copy of my PP which has been certified as a true copy by the German Embassy in order to certify the translation! Again, additional fees and work.

The problem I'm facing is the spelling of my name in Thai.

The spelling is not the same in WP as on the Marriage certificate and my son's birth certificate.

My local Khet wants to have it certified from somewhere what the true spelling of my name is in Thai.


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