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New Minibus Fares Set


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On the way, we passed maybe another 15-20 parked taxis on Second Road at Pattaya Tai junction. (one night I counted TWENTY-FOUR!)

Graham, those buses only charge 10 baht per person and leave when they're full (just like the buses going south from Pattaya Tai to Jomtien). One good thing about them is they all go to Naklua, so you don't have to worry about them turning off down some god-forsaken little soi.

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Don't forget the "Wheelie" fares ..... If you are one of the Dozens of Wheelchair Tourists most fares start at 200 - 500 bht & they still stop for other passengers if they can....

The time wasted by Drivers sitting on their behinds is far greater than the time to help a "Wheelie" & late at night it REALLY gets ridiculous , aren't they allowed to go to Bars like everyone else???

Some wheelies are pushing from Jomtien to Pattaya for health as they have upper Body strength , others because they are ignored unless they want to pay a large fee.

500bht from Mikes to the Immigration Office I am aware of for one guy . The whole Fare "system" is as big a joke as the 'release' over them.Although one driver charged one 'wheelie' 500 & waited & bought him back . So that's only 250 each way , wait was 12 minutes.


Maybe they should stop spending on the TAT & put on true Government Controlled Taxis for Tourists & other services...........ooooops , sorry , starting to be sensible.........Must have been the rain to-day made me think I was somewhere normal.....


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Today, I hailed a moving empty baht bus on 2nd road near Pattaya Tai intersection, and asked the fare to go to the bus station on Pattaya North Road.

Quoted a fare of 100 baht, which was in line with fares I have paid before, so I hopped in.

Just after the baht bus turned right on Pattaya North Road, he picked up 2 passengers.

When we got off at the bus station, I paid my 100 baht, and they each paid 10 baht.

Any guidelines for this situation?

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I held the 100 baht in my hand for a few seconds before passing it thru the window, while looking at the other passengers. The driver had the national smile on display as he took my money. He know what I was thinking.

I didn't really care about the other passengers because it took only a few seconds to stop and pick them up, and I knew that 100 baht is the common baht bus fare from S. Pattaya to the bus station.

I also know it is a standard 10 baht fare from S. Pattaya to Jomtien, but that is a normal route with many passengers. If there is a normal baht bus route from S. Pattaya to the Bus Station, I am not aware of it.

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