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Mercury On Top Of Doi Inthanon Drops To 9 C


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Mercury on top of Doi Inthanon drops to 9 C

Chiang Mai - The mercury on top of Do Inthanon Mount dropped to 9 Celsius decree Sunday morning, a weather forecast official said.

Preecha Jinthanawat, an official of the Meteorological Department's northern office, said the low temperature was influenced by a high pressure mass over the North.

He said the temperature would further drop by one to 3 decrees during the next few days.

The temperature on the lowland in Chiang Mai ranged between 19 to 21 degrees Sunday, he said.


-- The Nation 2009/11/01

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I've been to the top three times and the first two times it snowed only flakes (no wise cracks) but it was snow. January 1998, January 2004. I was the dumb ass ruining around with shorts and a T freezing his behind off the Thais had their parkas on. :)

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