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And so the exodus of quality expats begins. This time it's personal


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6 minutes ago, xylophone said:

I spent a little time in Chiang Rai, along with my girlfriend at the time and our daughter, and I thought it was a lovely place, and even looked at houses to buy, but eventually came back to Patong to live and have been here ever since!


Just occasionally I get the urge to go back to Chiang Rai to have a look at it, but my Thai daughter wants to live in Phuket, so I suppose I'm pretty well stuck here, unless I can persuade her that Chiang Rai also has other teaching opportunities for her.


Time will tell.

IMO Chiang Rai probably has one of the lowest costs of living in Thailand. Property prices and rents simply don't seem to move.

Chiang Rai has three private hospitals, an army hospital, and two government hospitals. It's not as if it is short on infrastructure.

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46 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

I am amazed how many people still go to Phuket, for holiday or to live there.


I was there last year for a week, Patong that is, been going there with the family for years, but since the last trip, I reckon it's been a good 3 years.


We prefer driving around further south at other destinations during our road trips, like Hua Hin, Krabi, etc, cleaner and less touristy compared to Patong.


If your like me, you stay just out of Patong, e.g. within a 10 minute walk of Bangla Road, and travel to places like Nai Harn Beach, Kata Noi Beach and even Karon Beach for the day. There isn't really that much to do there, hence the reason we mostly enjoy the comforts of the hotel and it's facilities, after all  it's a holiday for relaxing isn't it.


But with the amount of money Patong brings in, they could do with wider pedestrian sidewalks and rainwater spill off into the gutters, because one downpour and it's game over, instant flooding. Less money lining their pockets, more into infrastructure and less development. 



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