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Centre Set Up To Help At 1east 16 Thai-japanese Kids Locate Their Japanese Fathers


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Centre set up to help at 1east 16 Thai-Japanese kids locate their Japanese fathers

CHIANG MAI - As many Thai-Japanese kids were abandoned in Thailand, with 16 cases in the North alone, a group was established in Chiang Mai to assist the kids in reuniting with their dads.

The nine-year-old Keigo Sato's success in his search for his Japanese dad this year shed light onto these children's plight and led to the group establishment, said Tomoharu Ebihara, a lecturer at Payap University's Thai-Japanese Centre.

The group, operating from the centre, would find information about the abandoned youths before contacting the group's leader in Japan, Dr Sadaki Manabe of Takushoku University in Tokyo, to work with relate agencies there in locating the dads.

Since the North had the largest of such cases; one in Phayao, 10 in Phrae, three in Lampang, and two in Chiang Rai, the work would start from there, he said, the group would meet Phrae Governor Somchai Hatayatanti about it.


-- The Nation 2009/12/23


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