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Canadian Tourist Lost During A Visit To Monthatharn Waterfalls


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Canadian tourist lost during a visit to Monthatharn Waterfalls


Canadian Andrea Hatvani, center, is seen with the Tourist Police and Rescue teams after finding her way down Monthahtarn Waterfalls with their help.

Canadian Andrea Hatvani, 26, was rescued after becoming lost at Monthatharn Waterfalls on Doi Suthep by calling the 1155 Chiang Mai Tourist Police phone number. The rescue team, realizing she was high up the steep track the follows the waterfalls, turned on the emergency siren to guide her back down the mountain. Meanwhile, rescue teams ascended up the track beside the falls to find her making her way back down. She expressed her gratitude at being helped so quickly and efficiently.


-- Chiang Mai Mail 2010/01/12


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Sure she was a Canadian ?? :)

I thought we came with a built in Radar for finding our way out of the woods and mountains , no matter where we were. :D

We would Hate to lose a Fellow Canadian..

Was she Blonde ?? :D:D


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