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Visa Run, Vientiane / Laos, From Bkk Bangsaen Or Pattaya

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I need to apply for ED visa, and need a visa run to Vientiane.

I searched google for laos visa runs, and found offcourse some.

any one know a cheap but still good tour ?

Im not going to do a run on my own, it is too far away from bangsaen, if something goes wrong.


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"Too far to go on your own"..????

come on! be a big boy.. didnt you come to Thailand alone..?

Get a van to Bkk for 120 baht. Then get a bus to Nong Khai for 700 (vip 24) from mor chit

A visa service there will sort u out for 2000 (laos visa, van to vientienne)

give in your paperwork at the embassy, pick up a day later. Lots of big buses home for 500 baht.

Easy peesy

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