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Can You Recommend A Stable Rom


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Ive recently got hold of my first Android phone , an Orange San Francisco ( ZTE Balde) and it came with this ..

Mod version CyanogenMod 7.0.0 Blade


Android 2.3.3

Build GRI40

IMEI 355458041049561

Generation 1

Its started to freeze and not boot up when its been on charge , also the WiFi keeps dropping off , So I thought I would look for another ROM , Ive had a look around and there's so much info about , that its hard to narrow it down to a different stable ROM .

Can any one recommend a stable ROM for my Blade :)

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I'm using Swedish spring remix 2. take a look at modaco.com. there ita huge following

Does that have a lot ABBA tunes? "SOS" comes to mind. :whistling:

I think the OP is, how do you say f8cked in Svensk, challenged.

You're already on GB loaders so just suck it up.

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