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Thailand Live Monday 8 Aug 2011


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Thailand Live Monday 8 August 2011

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Flash flood destroys hilltribe shelter, killing seven

By The Nation


A flash flood last week smashed a hilltribe shelter in Mae Hong Son , killing seven occupants and injuring a few others.

The area had suffered days of heavy rain triggered by the lingering influence of tropical storm Nock-Ten.

Scores of hilltribe people, mainly Karenni, were seeking refuge at the shelter after fleeing armed fighting in Burma. Altogether 346 households have been affected. One person of unknown nationality was reported missing.

The seven bodies were retrieved and subjected to verification of death and identification in neighbouring Tak before they were cremated in a ceremony organised by survivors and Thais of Karenni descent.

Two communities were accommodated at the shelter, which was located between Mae La-oon and Sob Moei districts. Initial rescue attempts and medical assistance were made difficult by the high waters and raging currents.

Four Thais, including three children, were hurt after they were swept away by torrential currents.

In Nan, more than 400 homes in Tha Wang Pha district were submerged under two metres of floodwaters while landslides and falling trees blocked a main road, marooning villages. Many homes located along a large creek were inundated, leaving many residents stranded.

The 400 homes are receiving food and water while the main road is being cleared by civilian and military authorities.

In Phitsanulok, a long stretch of the Yom River was swelling and burst its banks at spots, submerging nearby areas under one metre of water.

Farmers were rushing to harvest their rice and sell their crop at a cheap price.

A farmer estimated that about 10,000 rai of farmland had been washed out, while the local relief agency had not made a statement on flood damage to property.

The Yom River in neighbouring Phichit was also inundating vast areas in Sam Ngam district with one metre of water. All 12 villages in Tambon Rang Nok, the lowest area in the district, had been hit and are bracing for worse floods in the next few days.

Flooding in Phichit has affected 5,913 households of 175 villages in seven out of all 12 districts, covering more than 81,000 rai of farmland and fruit plantations.


-- The Nation 2011-08-08

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11 held for drug-dealing

By The Nation

Thai and Malaysian police have arrested 11 people allegedly belonging to an international drug gang, including two Thai men and a much-wanted Malaysian national, in addition to seizing a large amount of narcotics worth hundreds of millions of baht in street value.

Thai suspects Waesauti Ramae and Mustafa Arong were arrested over the weekend in Songkhla's Hat Yai district by police, who seized 432,000 amphetamine tablets worth Bt120 million.

The suspects were allegedly dealing drugs for a Malaysia racket led by a Malaysian man identified merely as Bob.

Malaysian police also arrested nine members of the Malaysian gang and seized 16 kilos of Ice flakes and 22 kilos of heroin, |along with 2,000 amphetamine tablets sold to them earlier by Waesauti and Mustafa, said Pol Lt-General Atithep Panjamanont, commander of the Royal Thai Police's Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB).

The officer said amphetamines were increasingly popular in Malaysia, with the drug mainly smuggled from Thailand.

At yesterday's NSB press conference, police said they had earlier arrested Guinean Ibrahim Kalil Diando allegedly in possession of 2.5 kilos of Ice flakes at Suvarnabhumi airport, two unidentified Lao nationals at Mo Chit bus terminal allegedly with 2,000 amphetamine tablets, as well as Phanom Khidsanong, a Thai, at a roadcheck point in Nakhon Sawan allegedly with 2.06 grams of dried marijuana in his possession.


-- The Nation 2011-08-08

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Explosions in Yala damage property

By The Nation

Two bomb attacks in Yala on Saturday caused only property damage.

The first blast at 7.15pm toppled three power poles along a stretch of Route 410 in Than To district, causing a blackout.

An explosive hidden in a trash bin near a market went off 20 minutes later, wrecking stalls and nearby homes. A fake bomb was found at the scene by military ordnance men, who had tried to defuse it.

Soldiers on security patrol apprehended two suspects in connection with a bomb attack on Saturday.

Sakariya Saleh, 29, a resident of Betong district, was approached first and his cooperation led to a raid on the house of Sulaiman Ahwae, 27, which police said turned up a handgun, ammunition and military gear.

Sakariya has been handed over to police while Sulaiman is in military custody pending further questioning and investigation.


-- The Nation 2011-08-08

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Pheu Thai meets with coalition partners this morning to discuss Cabinet line-up /

2 police officers injured in bombing near police compound in Muang, Yala /

House Speaker Somsak to be at Siriraj Hospital at 5pm to await Yingluck's royal appt order before having PM's secretariat deliver to PT /


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New PM's Husband Speaks to CCTV

The husband of newly-elected Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra gave an exclusive interview to China's state television broadcaster, CCTV.

China's state television broadcaster CCTV says Anusorn Amornchat, the husband of newly-elected Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, has quit his corporate job to take on a new role as a full-time househusband and a consultant for his wife.

He will be working from home.

In an interview with the CCTV from his home, Anusorn, said his family is a happy family, so he has agreed to let his life venture into politics.

The businessman-turned-househusband went on to say that when he first met his wife, he fell for her beauty.

After having been married and living together, he has discovered that it is her kindness that has been the most important part of her character that helps maintain the family's harmony.

Anusorn kid that he is always the first one to apologize in an argument because 'she made the rules and she is always right,' he said.

Yingluck's son, Suphasek said many things have changed now that his mother is the prime minister.

The 9-year-old hopes his mother can come home a little earlier each night.

It might appear that the first female prime minister has a perfect life, but, in fact, Yingluck has gone through many hardships, including several economic crises and the political storms faced by her older brother Thaksin.

Her ability to cope with these challenges has helped reassure her family that she is ready for her new role, and that she will always have their support.


-- Tan Network 2011-08-08


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Two police wounded in Yala 7-Eleven bombing


YALA, Aug 8 -- Two border patrol police officers were wounded in a bombing at a 7-Eleven convenience store near the Southern Border Provinces Police Command Centre in Thailand's southernmost province of Yala.

The two injured police, identified as Pol Sen Sgt-Maj Somwong Neeraso and Pol Sen Sgt-Maj Nipatporn Kosuma, were going to work at the Command Centre in Phung Mueang 5 Road in Yala municipality. They were sent to Yala Hospital for treatment.

Set off by a radio signal, the explosion blew out a shallow hole about one metre wide in the road, with fragments of the radio and bomb scattered across the site.

Vehicles and nearby buildings were also damaged.

Police found a suspicious object, a small ice carrier wrapped in brown tape which they inspected and destroyed by robot. The bomb squad found only sand inside the carrier.

It was believed that the tape-wrapped ice carrier was a decoy to draw police to the scene before setting off an actual bomb to kill or wound the police.

Police are reviewing closed-circuit television (CCTV) coverage to identify the bombers, but believe a group of suspected insurgents led by Madaree Arong may be behind the attack as they are active in the area. (MCOT online news)


-- TNA 2011-08-08

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Yingluck to be Royally Endorsed as First Female Prime Minister Today

The first female prime minister-elect is expected to receive the royal endorsement of His Majesty the King to become the next prime minister today.

After the first House meeting last Friday, PM-elect Yingluck Shinnawatra is expected to be endorsed by His Majesty the King today.

Currently, a large number of officials are strictly guarding her house in Yothin Pattana, Ramintra District.

Today, the House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont will be granted audience with His Majesty the King to receive the royal command endorsing the PM-elect Yingluck Shinawatra, at 5.30 P.M. at Siriraj Hospital where His Majesty the King is recovering.

Meanwhile, the Secretariat of the House of Parliament will forward the royal command to Yingluck at Pheu Thai Party's head office on Petchaburi Road.

Regarding the ministerial assignment, Pheu Thai Party Secretary-General Jarupong Ruangsuvan said that the party's executive board has already discussed the matter with coalition parties.

It is expected that the new cabinet will be finalized after the royal endorsement.


-- Tan Network 2011-08-08


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