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Thai Electrical Applicances


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We have been packing to move to Australia and have found that we have enough room for more stuff. We have a bunch of electrical goods bought in Thailand like our DVD player, rice cooker, toaster, printer. Since we have space I'm thinking maybe we could just ship them instead of buying new ones when we get there. Will this stuff work in Australia with only a plug change? Sorry guys, I am both female and a no-hoper with electrical questions!

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Not advisable. Thai electrical appliances comply with TIS (Thai standards) and are rated at 220volts. Australia uses 240volts. To be used in Australia equipment must have an IEC or AS number on the nameplate. Appliances are cheap enough in Australia at the present time.

Equipment rated at 230 -240V would comply but not 220V.

Your printer and DVD player would probably be OK, check the name plate ratings.

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Take everything with you... We did and everything works just fine with the appropriate converter which costs around 40 Baht each . . .

Equipment such as toasters, rice cookers will draw a higher current and may be subject to overheating and failure over time. System voltage can be 235 to 245volts. There is an approved plug adaptor available in Australia, cost about AUD11 each. Equipment must be earthed, therefore toasters rice cookers etc must have a 3 core lead.

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