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Uk Family Visa For My Child?

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Hello all,

I am going to apply for a family visa for my thai wife and our daughter (who is mine) for a 6 month visa to the uk.I would like to know if i have to pay for 2 visas or 1 as my daughter will have a British passport when we apply? My daughter will be

1 year old when we apply and and will we be able to have free nhs treatment for the both of them while they are here or go private?

Thanks in advance


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Your child is a UK national and should get both aThai and UK passport for her travel. She leaves and enters Thailand on her Thai passport and the UK on her UK-passport. At airline check-in she shows both passports, to confirm she doesn't need a visa.

Don't know about your child, but a good travel insurrence including medical wouldn't hurt and might be required for your wife. Of course only accidents etc are covered, not existing ilnesses.

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Only UK residents are definitely entitled to full NHS treatment.

Visitors to the UK are entitled to initial A & E treatment on the NHS; almost everything else is chargeable. This applies even if the visitor is a British national.

So not only will your wife and daughter not be entitled to NHS treatment (except as above); you may not be too!

See Eligibility for free hospital treatment under the NHS

NB, nonsense post removed.

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