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Well Known Korat Forum Has Been Closed Down


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I'm not going to name ,names. But the better known Forum in Korat is no more.

Got an e-mail from another up and coming forum, also based in Korat informing me. So tried to log in and , it's been closed down by the Administrator.

Apparently, this was caused by the posts of a certain member. Apparently.

This is a shame as the forum was a really good source of local information from shopping, restuarants, immigration, local concerns and events, etc., etc.

I have made a few friends through the forum over the years who all live around the city and gained all sorts of info of where to get this and that,school info, what is on when / where and especially during last years flooding, the info was invaluable. Shame it's gone, but there is another.

This web site can also offer local information.

<URL to another forum removed.>

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We don't need discussion of other forums on Thai Visa.

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