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Common Foot disorders  

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"The Walker Foot Clinic"

"Put Your Feet In Good Hands"

Mobility is one of the most important human functions. No matter what 'walk' of life you come from, if you can't easily get around by walking your life can be very restricted.

Not only is mobility important, walking is the basic function that keeps our whole body healthy. It's common knowledge that becoming sedate gets us out of shape physically which can bring on medical complications. Failure to exercise creates progressive physically harmful conditions and walking is the easiest and best form of exercise. However, if we hurt when we walk be become sedate which causes us to gain weight, which in turn makes it more difficult and painful to walk thereby further causing our health to deteriorate.

To keep in shape, months ago I started a daily program of walking three kilometers up and down the Pattaya Beach walkway, but I quit because my feet, knees and hips hurt too much. I dismissed my discomfort as aging, but little did I know that body aches and pains, including foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, neck and even headaches, can be caused by common foot disorders that can be corrected.

We've all heard of club feet, flat feet, high arches, falling arches, rheumatoid arthritis, getting bunions and so forth, but there are many additional problems that can affect our ability to stand and walk normally and comfortably without pain. Doctors may treat your pain with painkillers but fail to diagnose and correct the cause. To really get your problems corrected so you can get back on your feet you need the expertise of a Podiatrist. There is only one Podiatrist in all of Thailand. He has two clinics, and luckily for us one of them is located in the Pattaya area.

Twelve years ago Rudy van der Lubben of Holland opened the first and only Podiatry Clinic in Bangkok. He received his college education in Podology in Holland and his practice is accepted in both the Netherlands and by the Ministry of Health in Thailand. In addition to his clinic in Bangkok, Rudy plans to open a clinic on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya. Until then he currently runs his Pattaya area clinic out of his home in Jomtien.

The first thing that will ease your mind is that the cost of getting your feet corrected is normally quite minor and may even be covered by your insurance. Rudy will discuss that with you. Also, unlike in the past when orthotic corrections had to be worn for the rest of your life, with today's technology many sufferers can be cured within a year. Children, whose bones are still developing, are often corrected in as little as a few months.

Being fitted with orthotic corrections begins with an inexpensive but thorough examination to determine if your problems can be corrected. During the examination Rudy will take a blueprint of your footprint. You'll be amazed when you see it. Did you know that your footprint is different when standing compared to walking (static and dynamic)? He checks both and determines if you are wearing the correct size shoes and what orthotic corrections may be required. He also measures pressure and heal position with a Podoscopie, thoroughly examines your feet (palpation), measures your height and weight and will tell you immediately if he can help you. Rudy is proud of his 100% satisfaction record, so if he determines he can help you, you can be confident he will comfortably get you back on your feet.

Of serious concern to diabetics is the very real possibility of eventual amputation of their feet. This may be preventable through Podiatry. Correct walking creates better blood circulation. If you are diabetic, do right by yourself and see if Rudy can ward off this horrible possibility.

Did you know that having a hip or knee replacement can change the alignment of your legs and how you walk? Without therapy and maintenance, new problems may occur. This can easily be prevented with orthotics.

Whether you suffer bunions, curvature of a toe, a heal spike, ulcerated skin or any other problem which prevents you from walking normally and painlessly, have Rudy examine you today. If you are favoring one leg or both, it puts your body out of balance which affects your whole wellbeing. Remember, there is a difference in 'stepping' and 'walking' effortlessly and painlessly with a normal gait. See Rudy as soon as possible and get yourself walking comfortably again. Your aching body will thank you.

Rudy's "The Walker" foot clinic is located in View Point Village which is approximately 200 meters west off Sukhumvit Road on Soi Chaiyapruk 1in Jomtien. You'll see "The Walker Foot Clinic" sign at the village entrance. Call Rudy today for an appointment: 038-232-543 or 087-133-1280, or email him at: [email protected]. You can also find additional information at his website: www.footclinic.asia.

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