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Will Marriage Ruin My Girlfriend'S Chances To Visit Uk?

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I've been with my girlfriend for 12 months and now her family is starting to press for marriage to "save face" and to please the local Imam.

I had a trip planned for April-May next year and I wanted to know if we get married in Thailand this December how it will effect our chances of getting a visitors visa. She's a full time student, lives at home with her family, no land in the family, not currently working due to study commitments. She's previously visited Hong Kong twice.

I'll have roughly 6 grand in the bank for her trip and I'll be paying her air fare, I'm a full time student myself although my parents will be providing accommodation and any other guarantees.

Long term plans are to visit next year, I'll move there for 1 year until she finishes university and then permanently move back to the UK or possibly Germany, France, Netherlands or Ireland, depending on where I can find work.

So I guess my questions are:

Should I delay the marriage?

If I can't do I need to tell them when we apply for the visa?

If I do will it affect our chances?

What else can I do to help achieve the long term and short term goals?



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Whether you marry each other or not is a decision only the two of you can make. Don't marry just to please her family!

From what you have said, it appears that you are living in the UK; correct? My answers assume that it is so.

If you do marry her, then she must say so where asked in her visa application. Marriage to you wont mean a refusal; lying on the application will, plus a probable 10 year ban from visiting the UK! Don't take the risk.

The main problem she will face will, I think, be 'reason to return.'

She will need to explain in her application, and you in your sponsor's letter, why she just wants to visit the UK at this time and not live there with you, her husband. So I suggest that you outline your plans as above, explaining that she wants to finish university before making the permanent move and that you also want to finish your studies and find employment.

You may find UK visit visa basics helpful.

As for your long term goals, if moving to the UK she will need a spouse settlement visa; if moving with you to an EEA country then that countries equivalent of an EEA family permit.

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