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Dr. Arcady Petrov Come To Azura Zenter


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Dr. Arcady Petrov come to AzurA Zenter

Many have approached us requesting we find a way to invite Dr. Petrov to hold his much sought after Advanced Level Seminars at our beautiful and peaceful location here in Chiang Mai. We listened to all of you and have worked hard towards fulfilling this request. Now we are so excited and blessed to let you all know, it has finally been confirmed!

Dr. Arcady Petrov will be in Thailand and AzurA Zenter will host his seminars on location from November 12 to 19.2011

Seminar Details: http://www.azura-zenter.org/en/home/73

Direct Booking Link: http://www.azura-zenter.org/en/component/eventbooking/?view=event&event_id=33

Please help and assist us spread and share this rare opportunity with all who you feel may benefit but whom we cannot reach. Like you, we know there are many out there who know and appreciate the value of this seminar and we don't want them to miss out - help them and us please?

Thank you kindly


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