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Gay Massage/Sauna Eastern Bangkok Suburbs


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OP, if this is as regards your previous thread about male massage, I suggest you find ANY massage places out there and ASK them if there are any male masseurs on duty.

Alternately, make an arrangement with a massage place closer to downtown for someone to visit your place. A lot of them will arrange housecalls of various types.

Normally, a 'gay massage' is used as code for 'commercial sexual encounter'. The masseurs who are involved may or may not be strong and/or well-trained enough to deliver strong, sport-level massages as you indicated you sought in your previous thread. However, I doubt there are many of these types of establishments in your neighborhood, because they tend to serve the tourist trade (Thai establishments further out are more the 'host bar' model). There are indeed gay saunas in the area you specify, but a gay sauna is not usually sought for massage services.

In any case, you have another thread on the subject and by your own statement there is no 'gay' context to what you are looking for, so I'm going to close this for now. If anyone has advice for you, they are free to PM you or post on the other thread.

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