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Informed by Bangkok Bank Head office Be1st Visa atm cards no longer available

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In the past i have had difficulty getting a B1st VISA ATM card from my local branch on demand. 

they have had VISA/PLUS debit cards available but those were chipped and of varied usefulness in other bank ATM machines and internationally.

for international use I have had to go to my main branch and request a non chipped card with my name printed on it and a weeks waiting time.

yesterday I  was informed there were no more visa cards sent to branches and i was given a union pay card with chip, which i am told will work in most places in thailand, but if I wanted a VISA/PLUS card, that they had stopped making them, however branches were able to issue one if they had stock.

I was referred to Silom head office as they were apparently one of the few with any left. 

I did receive one,  a Siriraj B1st with some sort of insurance on it but had to pay 690 baht for the privilege.

At head office the woman informed me that they had 4 left and that she expected them to be gone today.  Bangkok bank would not be printing or issuing any  more Visa plus cards once they were gone and if I needed a replacement it could only come from existing stock if any could be located. 

seems very strange to me that this would occur un publicised, but there is my experience.  Bangkok bank will still issue visa credit cards, but no visa ATM or debit cards.

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