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Video: Out with drugs police clearing up Pattaya beach road


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Video: Out with drugs police clearing up Pattaya beach road



Picture: Siam News


PATTAYA: -- Reporters went out with plain clothes police to find drug dealers on beach Road,Pattaya - with a video being made detailing their successes in cracking down on crime at the resort.


The video shows the detectives rounding up and interviewing several people. Some drugs had been stashed in parts of the beach and one man was seen to throw his drugs away when investigators approached, reported Siam News.


Two admitted their involvement in selling drugs to Thais and foreigners on the beach.


Thammarong Kularbsri, 32, was associated with two blocks of ganja and Wattana Uamtang, 43, was suspected of dealing in ice, methamphetamines.


A further ten people suspected of dealing had their details taken and were released due to lack of evidence.


Siam News said that the Thursday morning patrol was mounted on police orders to rid the resort of crime ranging from the sex trade to bag snatching, possession of weapons and the illegal drug trade.


Source: Siam News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-31
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How about going up the food chain and nailing suppliers? Nah, they've already "paid" for their crimes

The big guns don't carry. Street urchins do. Much easier to bust.

They regularly bust people up the chain, lots of 10kg yaba busts broadcast HERE on TV
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