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Architectural Digest names Bangkok's Elephant Building one of the ugliest skyscrapers in the world


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18 hours ago, YetAnother said:

i would add architecture here in general

Could'nt agree more although Thailand is not unique in this. The majority of new world architecture is a disgrace, simply echoing the desires of the designer to create something news worthy and totally disregarding what architecture is about which is serving the needs of the client, the community and the environment. All these monsterous pieces of depravity are largely from the use of computer generated exercises and not from the direct hand of the dedicated practitioner. To defend Thailand there are many examples of superbly designed residential projects here, (houses), which take recognition of the client's needs, climate, (which most commercial projects ignore), and the relationship with its neighbours and the street. Most of the architecture of 30 or more years ago is far better than todays examples, particularly in terms of climate control. The problem with them and largely why they are dismissed out of hand is the appalling lack of maintenance, many of them becoming nothing more than slums, the owners just worried about nothing but the rental income. In many countries there are strict rules about commercial building maintenance and in the interests of health, the community and the environment are not allowed to degenerate as they do here

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3 hours ago, phantomfiddler said:

Engineers do not design buildings. Architects design them and engineers make sure they do not (in most cases) fall down when full of people jumping up and down ! The building in question looks like the headquarters of the McDonald,s Corporation.

Sorry, but this building WAS designed by an Engineer. This is Thailand...





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This building does look different and a bit ugly if it is supposed to be called the Elephant building, or Chang in Thai.

I think the building in Bejing China looks worse, its nick name is the blue jeans building, but it looks plain ugly to me. or it may be in

Shanghai, although I seen some buildings there that looked great.



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