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Architectural Digest names Bangkok's Elephant Building one of the ugliest skyscrapers in the world


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Architectural Digest names Elephant Building one of the ugliest skyscrapers in the world

By Coconuts Bangkok



Photo: Wikimedia Commons


BANGKOK: -- Architectural Digest, the most respected magazine covering global architecture, included Bangkok’s iconic Elephant Building in its list of the 24 ugliest skyscrapers in the world last week, alongside Trump Tower.


The article, written by the magazine’s associate editor Nick Mafi, described the Bangkok landmark by saying, “while playful in design, the structure does little to push the integrity of Thai architecture.”




In their description, the magazine also does little to credit ‎Ong-at Sattraphan, Thailand’s national artist and the architect of the Elephant Building, but instead said the landmark was created by another famous architect, Sumet Jumsai.


Full story: https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/architectural-digest-names-elephant-building-one-ugliest-skyscrapers-world/

-- © Copyright Coconuts Bangkok 2017-05-11
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One day i had to visit a shop near the Elephant building but could never find it because the building doesn't like like an elephant.


It needs a trunk, ears and tail.


But since traffic is so messed up and dangerous i rarely have time to watch around, i prefer to see the motobikes coming against me instead of the scenery.

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They must have been judging buildings that are presently occupied. There are a couple of high rise towers, one known locally as "The Ghost Tower" , that are architectural offerings designed when the architect was on LSD or equivalent. Note the Parthenon like decoration.


This monstrosity  (Sathorn Unique) reminiscent of Miss Havisham's wedding cake  (Great Expectations)  apparently was "designed" to house people. It is now an urban blight and can sometimes be explored for a fee. 



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2 minutes ago, theguyfromanotherforum said:

You realize that Sathirn unique and Lebua was built by the same developer. I'm sure the finished product would have been nice.

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Well, perhaps  Rangsan Torsuwan, a prominent architect and real estate developer who also designed Sathorn Unique's sister building, the State Tower.was having a bad week when he designed that confection, still looks like a wedding cake with half a peach on top. OTOH Deepak Ohri is a hotel/resort developer with Lebua as part of his portfolio.



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15 hours ago, trogers said:

Perhaps the reason is that this building was designed by an Engineer, and not an Architect...

Engineers do not design buildings. Architects design them and engineers make sure they do not (in most cases) fall down when full of people jumping up and down ! The building in question looks like the headquarters of the McDonald,s Corporation.

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...and in second place the UOB Robot building.

Hey it's cute, isn't it [emoji13]
And I've learned everything that is cute is okay in Thailand.
Waiting for a hello kitty building [emoji23]
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1 hour ago, Bluespunk said:



Trymp tower was picked because it is an ugly piece of shit. 

It is a monstrosity...and the building it replaced , a department store the name of which I forget, did have architectural merit; in particular some highly stylised stonework panels. After the battle to save the building had been lost, The Met offered to take those panels but Trump sent in the demolition teams and they were destroyed...." we couldn't delay, time is money".

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