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Meaning of Thai education term

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My grand daughter has aked me if Scotland has "Olympics"for science and  mathmatics. After a bit of questioning. it appears to be a kind of competion for tuition places at a higher education institution or a prestige school. The nearest I can work out is a Bursary, but this does not fit exactly.

Can any member explain (in word of one syllable please) what she might mean.

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There is no standard definition. Science Olympics, Mathematics Olympics, Education Olympics, these are simply competitive tests of theoretical knowledge. It can be anything from an internal event "xxx Olympics" in a private school to nationwide spectacles (Japan). It's more often something on a bit bigger scale. 


Not heard of it but it wouldn't surprise me if some private schools even call their entrance exams "Olympics", sounds cheap to me but if parents buy it, it's good marketing. Top places can perhaps get scholarships at famous schools if it's a really big event, again, just good marketing  



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