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Buffering on AIS Fibre 30mb


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some internet providers will restrict the bandwidth that you receive when streaming live tv.

If you do a speed test on your computer, you will find the speed that you pay for is present for e mails, FB, etc

but if your iptv provider has a speed test function, you may find that the strength is considerably less.

I had this problem with True when i first came to Hua Hin.

I had 30 meg with true, and it buffered, but in my house, I also had 3BB with only 3 meg, and it worked fine for tv.

Contact your provider and tell them the problem and ask them to solve the ROUTING issues.

you may find this works.

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Too many people think that the maximum speed claimed and used to market an ISP, which usually applies only between you and some local server, indicates the ISP will also supply similar speeds to overseas servers, to every single device on the network. My speed to say a UK server is all over the place , but always less than the max claimed, of course. Also impacted by load on the remote source server.

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Got AIS Fibre 30MB at home and it appears to be working at good speed for the most part.


Outside of a couple of dropouts here and there, I've been quite happy with the move from True (although True was not bad at all), just getting more bang for the baht with AIS


Their support is pretty good as well.


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