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Pattaya: No wonder tourists aren't coming - pack of ten attack "just arrived" Irishman


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2 minutes ago, uncleeagle said:


Shirts are often pulled off or torn off in a fight or violent attack as people may have their arm up to cover their heads and are at the same time being pulled and pushed around, as well as being punched and kicked and worse. 

That's true, but i have seen a fair share of drunken tourists going to bars without shirts too.

Seen one the other day, complained a bit with another tourist, and been told that in Thailand it's ok.

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1 hour ago, Leaver said:

Let me guess, fictitious drinks on his bill started the altercation. 


With tougher times ahead here, you can expect an increase in scams and crime. 

Most likely true.
And the venue mentioned might have been the gogobar located near the end of Soi 7 (left side if walking towards the beach, right next door to the "Pfälzer Stüble" restaurant).

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