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Wise Transfers - Extra Checks

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Almost certainly something or someone has triggered an investigation. We get blase sending cross borders totally oblivious that HMRC (if you're a Brit) get to see them every single time.

99.99% of the time they go unchecked

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How long will extra checks on my transfer take?

While we try to process all transfers as fast as possible, sometimes we have to carry out checks on them, to keep your money safe.

These checks usually take 2–10 working days, but occasionally they can take longer. We’ll usually update the delivery estimate to take this into account, so check it to see when your transfer will arrive.

We have to do these checks because Wise is a regulated financial institution. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your transfer.

So, if your transfer is taking a little longer, don’t worry. If we need any extra information from you, we’ll get in touch. Just keep an eye on your email — including your spam inbox — for any messages from us. And you can check your transfer progress in the Activity section of your Wise account.




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I only had these Wise checks if I transferred more then 8000 Euro at one time (and the checks (in my case) only took a couple of hours)


What helps is if you


1- Transfer from the same Bank account to wise all the time

2- Have been verified by Wise


To avoid these issues (afaik) is to open a Balance in wise and transfer money to that Balance when the exchange rate (in your opinion) is favorable and then when you are ready to transfer is use the money from your balance to send to your Thai Account




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On 10/8/2021 at 3:51 PM, fondue zoo said:

I finally got to speak to someone.

The transfer was setup while I had my VPN connected to the US, normally it's disabled.

I always use a VPN connection with U.S. IP address in doing my Wise transfers to Thailand.   I do this just for some extra connection security and since I have my U.S. address on file with Wise vs my Thailand address.

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