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Thailand prepares to welcome tourists from 1 Nov

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2 hours ago, PoorSucker said:

So UK residents don't have to quarentine on return to the UK

Neither do fully vaccinated people from any non Red List countries.


Odd that the post you replied to has disappeared yet your reply stands.

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20 hours ago, Blumpie said:

.... welcoming people of all genders and ages ...

Wow, thanks for that buddy.  I've never read such a silly statement in my entire life.  

That's The Chuckle Brothers, the unelected PM and his sidekick Anutin whatever he is, is it the unelected Deputy PM or Health Minister.

Anyway, that's them started again, no point in reading all the nonsense they are spouting out, you cannot trust or believe anything they say.

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20 hours ago, lkn said:

Why set a limit of 10 countries? I could understand if they had some objective measure, and 10 countries currently pass the requirements, but the 10 countries are apparently to be determined later.

Top 10 for new cases.????

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"From 1 November, the government will lift quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers from 10 low-risk countries arriving by air."

Note the word "will" not "would like to" or "hope to" but "will". Now let's all wait and see what happens.

And if it comes to fruition, lets see what other charges you will have to pay 500Bt entry fee, insurance scam, etc, etc.

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"confirmed that Thailand is ready to welcome tourists, with renovation works previously performed at tourism attractions to welcome visitors of all ages and genders."


The government will be arranging online classes for the Thais to practise the art of sincere Thai Welcome Smiles behind a mask...... 

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I got overcharged by a street food vendor and a taxi driver wouldn't turn on the meter in Phuket.

They still haven't learned, have they?

Hope nobody comes, let them feel the pain a bit longer. 

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