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CCSA approves plan to buy 50,000 courses of anti-viral Molnupiravir drug


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Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) today (Thursday) approved the Public Health Ministry’s proposal to procure 50,000 courses of the anti-viral Molnupiravir drug, made by US pharmaceutical company Merck. 


CCSA spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin said that the proposal will be submitted to the cabinet for a final approval. He did not, however, give any details on the price of the drug nor on when they are to be delivered to Thailand.


Merck has recently been accused of profiteering by overcharging for Molnupiravir capsules, priced at US$712 for a five-day course.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/ccsa-approves-plan-to-buy-50000-courses-of-anti-viral-molnupiravir-drug/


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The prices for this drug are based on a countries affordability scale. Those that are best able to afford it pay the most (e.g.US) and it is cheaper down the scale to those countries that are least able to afford it paying the least. This pricing policy I read about last week but the linked article completely fails to mention that or the important part; "What price is Thailand paying?", How far up or down the scale is Thailand?

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More to the point, which big wig at the CCSA reviewed the studies submitted by Bayer?


If the horse paste isn't worth a second thought due to the shoddy nature of some of the studies/papers conducted on it, Molnuopiravir should rightly stricken off as well....


But after Pfizer and Moderna have had their turn at the trough, I guess it's time for Bayer to get their fill. Hopefully the Thai people will grow balls at some point and quiz their elected leaders as to why this extraordinary amount of money is being wasted:



BTW what happened to green chiretta?

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"Plan Approved".


Just twenty-two more steps until "Order Placed".



14 hours ago, Knocker33 said:

50,000 VIP's and government nobodies are Very happy with that

FWIW, this is a treatment, and not a prophylaxis.


The current go-to antiviral treatment for COVID used by the thai regime is Favipiravir.



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