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I have asked this before but as they start opening up again I just want to check. All I want is a walking (running) machine with a TV (or similar) in front of it. I don't care what is showing on the TV I just want something to look at. I just wont to walk.


As I get older I find walking on uneven pavements a problem and I don't want to walk on the road. A nice flat surface of a running machine suits me fine. Obviously the cheaper the better.

I live just of Thepprasit Road so something near would be better but not essential. .  I was a life member of Tony's for many years and that suited me fine. So suggestions please.

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There's several parks with walking/jogging trails in the Jomtien area, even one that so new it's still under construction due to open soon. No monthly fees, no membership.

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1 hour ago, roger101 said:

I'm sorry if my post is confusing. I tried to make it clear I want a gym. Not a flat beach or a park that is not opened yet.

Have the gyms opened up around you?

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Jett fitness perhaps? There is one at Little Walk on Sukhumvit road and the other at royal garden plaza.
Definitely not a simple gym but you can watch youtube on their running machine screen.

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