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Low risk countries

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"The new rumoured list includes 24 unnamed countries in the European Union, plus 5 Nordic countries… Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Of the 5 Nordic countries, 3 of them – Denmark, Finland and Sweden – area also EU members, while Iceland and Norway are members of the related European Economic Area.

It is unclear if the 3 countries are included in the 24 EU countries, though if they are not, then this rumoured list would include every EU country as there are a total of 27 nations in the European Union.

The other 9 named countries under consideration for entry on November 1 are India, Israel, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, UK and the US. (Oddly, both China and Singapore that were previously named did not appear on this list.)"

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so far from Europe the Uk and Germany confirmed.

If your friend doesn't want to do sandbox (phuket, but probably pattaya and many others), he can travel to germany and take flight from there. 

Personally I don't mind pattaya sandbox, might be cheaper for a week than ASQ near airport for just 1 night. Guest just need to sleep at hotel, but can visit friends or invite friends to hotel.


semi official list:

"Possible Countries with "Quarantine Free Entry"









China, and Hong Kong

South Korea



The final list will be announced soon, and we will keep this page regularly updated in relation what exactly "no quarantine" entry will look like."

https://asq.in.th/thailand-no-quarantine "

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Some of these countries still have lots of people dying, but I guess the ones who are not may want to

travel.  Canada and Australia did not make the list, but Russia with a spike of more than 1000 dying per day

and the USA with likely the same amount dying are on the list, how wonderful.


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