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Police say they have evidence aplenty against woman who allegedly cut painter's rope

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Picture: Daily News


Daily News continued to report on the case of two painters who were rescued at a Pak Kret condominium by a British man and his Thai wife.


One called Song had his support rope cut and police believe this was done by a woman five floors below.


She denies charges of attempted murder and criminal damage. 


It happened last week at the Lumpini (Ha Yaek Pak Kret) condo in Nonthaburi, a 32 story block. The painters were rescued on the 26th floor by the couple and a video received much attention online.


DNA is being checked in hopes that it will implicate the woman.


Yesterday police, forensics and the painters and their boss all reenacted what happened.


Song said he didn't want to do that but felt it was necessary for the investigation. He is still haunted by what has happened. His parents have advised him to be careful in future. He intends to continue in this job as he can't do anything else.


Police said they have more than enough evidence to proceed with the case having completed the reenactment. They didn't comment on the DNA findings as yet.


Meanwhile the media reported that relatives have removed the female suspect from the block to another location. 



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''Police say they have evidence aplenty''   You just don't see the word 'aplenty' used enough these days. That has cheered me up for reasons I cannot explain.

You would have to be crazy working like that..... very strict training for rope workers is mandatory everywhere.. However, there must have been back-up safety equipment/rope being used and the gu

That's strange, I cannot recall ever being married to her.  

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1 hour ago, Gottfrid said:

apparently they have enough evidence. Would just be funny to see if she would admit or rather die. 

No it wouldn't be funny to see anyone given that choice.

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I don't get it. The women lived in the building? Same side from where the painter died from? Was the painter young or the same age as the lady? She looks yoing in the picture ? Is lady relative to the painter wife/girlfriend? Now! Does both parties know each other in some way??  More to come let's hope 😉

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4 hours ago, webfact said:

Meanwhile the media reported that relatives have removed the female suspect from the block to another location.

I hope the police know where that might be... as she's facing [possible] attempted murder charges.

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