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All foreigners in Thailand can get vaxxed at Bang Sue from next month - Pink card holders okay now - AZ boosters next year


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Picture: TNN


The head of the Bang Sue station vaccination center said that all foreigners living and working in Thailand who have pink cards can get their first dose of vaccine at the center this month.


Registrations can be done on the Bang Sue site via phones, reported TNN.


One hundred were vaccinated yesterday. But that was just the start, many more are expected in the coming days.


They will be getting Sinovac followed by AstraZeneca.


In November all remaining foreigners can get their first shot even if they have just a passport and no other documentation.



Picture: TNN


Foreigners who have had two shots of AstraZeneca will get a booster dose of that vaccine starting in January and February next year. 


Six months should have elapsed after the second dose.


They will be notified by SMS. People can contact officials if they fail to get notification, said Dr Mingkhwan Wichaidit.



Picture: TNN


The Bang Sue center is shutting down at the end of November and reopening in the new year. 


Foreigners are asked to use Door 1 only this month and next. No walk-ins are allowed so book in advance using the Bang Sue site. 


In addition an infographic on the TNN site suggested that people who had received two Sinovac jabs will be getting an AstraZeneca booster during November. Registration for this starts 28th October. 


Dr Mingkhwan said that the center has capacity for up to 20,000 vaccinations daily and all foreigners are welcome from 9am to 5pm, just remember to book. 


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I got 2 Sinovac at a private hospital months ago, but absolutely no sign of a booster. I've contacted the hospital but they just say we will notify you when we have supplies. So how is it I see many locations offering booster jabs for the same Vax history, but only if (insert some weird criteria)? Having led the fid at the outset, the private hospitals seen to have had their supplies cut off.

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13 hours ago, keith101 said:

I will be getting my second jab of Pfizer next week courtesy of the Australian Embassy and a huge thanks to them for organizing this for all Aussie citizens living (registered) here in Thailand .

Foreign residents in Thailand have been getting Pfizer vaccinations through the Expatvac web site for the last two months.


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Even Pfizer with its 39% effectiveness as reported in a large Israel study and evidenced by exploding infection in  vaccinated people in Israel and Singapore, booster is not recommended for all people. Not sure the effectiveness of AZ as I have not seen a large study on AZ yet and exploding infection and death rate in UK would suggest it's also not very effective in preventing the disease and death rate. Hurray to American anti vaxxers who always doubted the sinister motives of western media about covind-19 vaccines. I am not an anti vaxxers but I also don't beleive the cockamany story of more than 90% efficacy rate of a covid-19 vaccine that western media pushed for longtime and have now stopped pushing it after the Israel study came out.


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On 10/22/2021 at 10:11 AM, keith101 said:

I will be getting my second jab of Pfizer next week courtesy of the Australian Embassy and a huge thanks to them for organizing this for all Aussie citizens living (registered) here in Thailand .

I'm pretty sure the Oz Embassy has done SFA for Aussies in Thailand wanting to be vaccinated.

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