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Shredded Coconut Husks


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Does anyone know where I can buy a couple of tons of shredded coconut husks? I want two or three tons for a large vegetable patch. I can buy the stuff in big plastic tow sacks from the local nurseries, but it is too expensive this way for the quantity I need. As many coconuts as there are around here, there must be someplace near by that can sell me a truckload or two. I have found rice husks by the ton just up the road.

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If it's going to be an ongoing thing, you could buy a shredder/chopper, and probably get a supply of husks from the many coconut farms/processing the nuts out.    You'll see piles of the husks when driving the rural roads.


Buddy of mine did that with cassava for his dairy cows, as price for chopped cassava was a bit silly, so went the DIY route.

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5 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

It won't work,

Coconut husks are very lightweight, the first rain they will rise to the top then blow or wash away.

I was thinking of shredded sugar cane .. would this work?


ETS The cane after a road side stall has extracted the juice, the guys in the south use it as mulch around rubber trees.

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