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"Mystery" death of wife in car outside house in Ratachaburi - husband says they were always drunk


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Picture: Siam Rath


Chom Bung police in Ratchaburi, central Thailand, were called after a woman was found dead in the driver's seat of a Toyota Vios outside a house in Pak Chong sub-district.


Siam Rath called it a mystery death.


The deceased - in white shirt and pink trousers - had a blood stain on the left side of the chest.


She was slumped to the left as though she had a broken neck. 


There were old wounds on her mouth where she had clearly required stitches. 


She was named as Thitiya.


She'd been dead for at least 24 hours and was taken away for an autopsy.


Uthen, her husband in the house, told police they loved to drink spirits every day and sometimes fought. 


But he had no idea when she had gone to the car to sleep. 


He said he had gone to bed the previous night because he was so drunk.


When he saw her in the car in the morning he called out but there was no reply - he presumed she was just being standoffish and left her there.


But at 2 pm he said he inquired further and found that she was dead and called police.


There were many inconsistences in his story and he was taken away for further questioning at the police station.


Investigators found dried blood by the front door and further bloodstains around the outside of the house. These were being examined for whom they belonged to.


The local phu yai ban Wut Siriphin commented on the unusual injury that appeared to be a broken neck.


He said that the couple were not known to him but were house sitting for relatives. They would always be seen drinking in the soi.


He said he'd rather leave the investigation to the police than speculate. 



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6 hours ago, CelticBhoy said:

"He said he'd rather leave the investigation to the police than speculate."


Finally, a bit of common sense! Hope it's catching  . . .  😉

Party Pooper!

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

her husband in the house, told police they loved to drink spirits every day and sometimes fought. 

was he tired of her nagging at him all the time  ....  :whistling:

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12 hours ago, toofarnorth said:

I know one should leave it up yo the old bill but for my 25 satangs worth ..................it was the husband what done the deed.

Agreed, but you can get 23 satangs back in change..

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On 8/11/2022 at 7:30 PM, sanuk711 said:

A mystery death....blood stains ....Police  baffled. ....

Our fellow AN members will have this mystery solved in no time. 


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