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Muay Thai/ MMA training camp for my son - Pathumtani Province

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Hello all,


My son, who is now 15 has recently listened to my logic regarding the lack of benefit from playing computer games all day...and the benefit of exercise. I separated from his mum two years ago, but moved near to him and have seen him when I can. I do weights with him and try to teach him about diet etc.....He is a lovely kid and I want to know if any of you on here can point me in the right direction...


I have been trying to find some kind of fighting 'camp' that he can do. He is showing interest in MMA/boxing etc but where we live there is <deleted> all. I have seen some camps for kids, but they seem to target the farang contingent ,coming from overseas. My son has Thai i.d....he is Thai, so I want to get him into something...well, for Thai kids and THAI prices if possible.  


Do any of you know of such I guess 'intensive' camps for teens? I am talking something that is structured and goes for up to a week. I dont mind driving him to another Province if I have to. I live in Pathumtani Province. I am thinking about trying to send him during the next October school break. 


He seems very keen. I love the little fella....(not so little now at 179 cm...) 


Any ideas MUCH appreciated!

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