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Old men drinking a beer at breakfast time in bars along beach road pattaya.


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4 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Frühschoppen (pronounced [fʁyːʃɔpən], meaning: an alcoholic drink before midday in company) is the German and Austrian tradition of meeting up at a pub, inn or tavern in the late morning, usually on Sundays. The specific customs vary from region to region. Frühschoppen is often a kind of brunch, but does not necessarily involve food. Frühschoppen is also often held at fun fairs, the most famous being Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Volksfest.







Now you're cooking brekkie.🙃🙃

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4 hours ago, JeffersLos said:

The last time I saw that I thought he was eyeing me.


Then I realized that he had a full face tattoo, tattooed onto the back of his bald head. 

Best you give up drinking!🙃🙃

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